Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 4

Today I just took it easy. I had seen most of what I wanted to see in the city so I decided to chill out at the hostel with Natalia, who by the way works at Mount Snow in Vermont during the winter. We watched some tv and she taught me a lot about Peruvian culture, like how the education system works here and how the health care system works (they just passed free universal health care this past year). In the evening I went out to Parque de Aguas, a huge fenced in park full of beautiful water fountains. As it gets dark they all light up in bright colors and there were literally thousands of people there, mostly couples and families, awaiting the huge light show that happens every night. Before hand people were having fun running through some of the fountains, kids dashing through as the water dies down, and one of the fountains is a series of arcs where the water rises and then falls on the other side of you as you walk (or run) through. Shortly the water show started and it was spectacular. I have some videos and pictures to upload. They actually project words and images on the water as the show goes on, lasers project colors on the fountains and it’s all set to music. After that I went back to Miraflores, got some dinner, and headed back to the hostel so I could watch the Video Music Award’s with the hostel staff. Green Day won 3 VMA’s (every one they were nominated for), including Best Rock Video for 21 Guns, and of course it’s nice to know there are Green Day fans here in Peru!

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