Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Arrival in Cusco

Wow! What a plane ride! As we took off from Lima and ascended through the clouds, it was as if the Andes Mountains rose with us. As we passed through the clouds I saw the tops of the mountains, many covered in snow. The ride provided magnificent views all the way to Cusco. I was warned, but still not prepared for the descent. Of course we only had to descend about half of the distance that we ascended, but since Cusco lies in a valley completely surrounded by towering mountains, the plane has to circle around the area and then very quickly swoop on down into the airport That part was scary, but also beautiful. Once I landed I was picked up by a travel company associated with the school I am going to work at. They took me directly to the school so I could look around. It is a very nice space, with the office, copy room, etc.. downstairs and upstairs the classes, a cafĂ©, an internet lounge, and on the third floor, the teachers space. After a quick tour they took me over to my home-stay, a little further from the center of town. The condo is gorgeous. My hosts the Salazar’s seem to be pretty well off. The place has gorgeous views of the city out the window. I have my own room, wireless internet , and cable TV! I will be here for just five days forever and in that time I need to find my own apartment (surely won’t be as nice). Tomorrow I have orientation at 9 am. I seem to be adjusting pretty well to the altitude although it is certainly much more difficult to breath, but I am not super sick or anything. I am going to go for a walk with my host Dad now. Ciao!

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