Sunday, November 8, 2009

Arequpia Day 2

From November 1

Halloween night was happening in Arequpia. No lie, I havent seen that many people packed into such a small space since the Inauguration! There were a solid 6 to 8 blocks where you just couldnt move. Almost everyone was in costume, some very creative ones, and its fair to say that the lion share of the partying took place not in the discos but in the streets! I did go into one of the parties though, after a long wait and a 15 soles cover charge. Overall, turned out to be a fun night.

The next morning I woke up pretty early and went to the bus station to buy my ticket back to Cusco for Monday. Luckily that turned out to be pretty easy, so I left from there and began to ask people how I could get to the small town of Yura, about an hour outside of Arequipa. Yura has hot spring, but they are less well known and certainly less touristy than the ones in Chivay where they take the tour buses. After hoping from combi to combi (combis are the little vans they pack tons of people into that travel along popular routes) I found my way there for less than 2 soles. The aguas temales, or hot springs, were kind of a dissappointment. They were medicinal hot springs, each little pool with a label for what ailment they help cure. However, they werent that hot! Most were room temperature, 80 to 82 degrees at the warmest. The funny part was watching the Peruvians get in as if the water was 105 degrees or something. Different conception of hot water I guess... Anyway, it was ALL Peruvians, no gringos in sight. I then walked down to the pueblo of Yura to take a quick look before heading back to Arequipa.

Following the advice of my fellow teachers who have been away from home much longer than I have, I took the afternoon in at the gigantic mall and movie theater! They told me before leacing for Arequpia that even if I dont miss it now, I shoudl go while I have the chance, since Cusco has no movie theater. The mall was gigantic, with a food court complete with KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, etc... a huge American style department store, and the movie theater. I saw District 9 which I have been wanting to see for a while, and I wasnt disappointed. Definitely recommend it. After the food court and movie I seemlingly stepped back into Peru for the trip back to my hostel. I had a nice quiet evening, relazing on the terrace watching the sunset before eating dinner in the main plaza, the plaza de armas, and then taking about an hour walk around town. Now I am back at the hostel. Tomorrow morning I head back to Cusco on the 9 hour bus at 7 am. I am not looking forward to the ride, but certainly to the views, which I didnt get to see on the way here since I took the overnight bus. Tuesday...back to work.

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